Scraping resistance masterbatch KG-31

This product is a kind of high-performance silicone masterbatch with PP as the carrier. It contains more special functional groups of ultra-high molecular weight organosilicon, which can play an anchoring role in PP resin. At the same time, it can be uniformly enriched on the surface of the material, giving the automobile interior material excellent and lasting scratch resistance performance.Because it contains ultrahigh molecular weight organosilicon, it has excellent temperature resistance. Even at high temperature and under light, there will be no small molecule precipitation and sticky yellowing problem, which can further improve the internal air quality of automobiles.


Product performance

Improve product appearance: improve product surface smooth, gloss, anti-scratch performance;

Improve product processing: increase the internal and external lubrication of plastic solution, improve the ability of punching die and demoulding;

The special functional group polymer organosilicone has the characteristics of low odor, no precipitation, no adhesion and low addition.

Environmental protection, low VOC, in line with ROSH standards.

The recommended

When used, KG-31 particles are mechanically mixed with interior material particles to carry out the injection molding process.In the PP-TALC /TPO car interior body:

(1) when 1.0-1.5% is added, the workability of the product can be effectively improved;

(2) When 1.5-3.0 % is added, the anti-scratch performance of interior materials can be effectively improved. It is generally recommended to add 2.0 %.

The application case

PP - Talc customers:

Blank group (PP 20% talcum powder)

Experimental group (PP 20% talc 2.0% kg-31 masterbatch)

Storage of storage and transportation

The standard packaging of this product is 25 Kg in bags, and the sample packaging is 1.0 Kg in ordinary bags. If you need to customize, you can contact the business consultation;

This product should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse to avoid fire, exposure to the sun and rain.

This product is a non-dangerous chemical, can be transported as a general chemical, transportation should avoid high temperature exposure.

Advice statement

Users are recommended to do suitability test before using the product formally.Due to the diversity of practical applications, our company does not

Guarantee that you will not be liable for any direct, indirect or accidental losses arising from the problems arising from the use of our products under certain conditions

If you encounter any problems in the process of use, please contact our after-sale technical department. We will try our best to help you.

Scratch resistant masterbatch for automobile interior trim
model KG-31
appearance White particles
Silicone content % 50%
density g/cm3 0.95
Resin carrier PP
Compatible system PP、TPO、TPE...
High temperature aging
No precipitation, no yellow
Recommended ratio % 1.0-3.0%
quality guarantee period Two years

Mainly used for PP-TALC /TPO automotive interior system, adding 1.0-3.0% can make automotive dashboard, door trim, center console, column trim and other PP materials and thermoplastic elastomer (TPO) body parts to achieve scratch resistance, low VOC, no separation, low stress whitening performance.

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