Chemical deodorant CW-02

In addition to taste the CW - 02 is a kind of the chemical structure of polyolefin and polyolefin decompose the smell of the characteristics of small molecules and develop a close polyolefin polymer compound, its molecular chain contains many chemical groups can react with smell of small molecules, to join in the process of polyolefin products processing for about 1-2% reaction after the smell of polyolefin in small molecules.



1. Strong chemical interaction with small molecules that can be decomposed from polyolefin, and does not change the structure of polyolefin;

2, excellent heat resistance, can be used below 400℃;

3, itself non-toxic, heavy metal and halogen content is lower than the EU RoHS standard;

Before extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, wire drawing or other molding processes, the deodorant CW-02 is fully mixed with the resin evenly, during the processing process, it is recommended to cooperate with the vacuum process, to reduce the use of;If the plastic is wet, it should be fully dried.It is suggested that the experiment should be carried out according to the high supplemental level, followed by a gradual reduction to optimize the optimal supplemental amount.If the product smell requirements are high, can be appropriate to increase the amount.

 white powder
packaging 5 kg/bag
The period 
of validity
12 months
The use of
100-400  save
Avoid light
PH 11.5 or less
Application to

Recommended application:

Polypropylene/polyethylene plastics, polyolefin color masterbatch, non-woven fabrics, polyolefin recycled materials, automotive interior, etc.

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