Chemical deodorant CW-01

Plastic deodorant CW-01 is a deodorant with absorption and reaction in one.It can absorb CO2, SO2, nitrogen oxide, ammonia, pesticide residue, benzene ring structure and other substances, can be widely used in the field of plastics, effectively remove unpleasant odor.


Main functions:

The product is used in the processing of various polymer materials. It has special effect in removing the odor of polymer materials which are easily decomposed during the processing.Such as PVC, ABS, PA6, PP, PET, PS, PVDC, etc.

Appearance: white or reddish powder.

Main features:

For smell and smell of inorganic substances has a very high adsorption, can effectively reduce the plastic processing and molding process and after the odor and odor.And this product has excellent heat resistance and good dispersion, mixed with other raw materials, good dispersion in polymer materials, can be conveniently added to a variety of plastics.It has the characteristics of small dosage and remarkable effect.


When using, the user according to their own production conditions, the powder and material as far as possible evenly mixed, so that the powder and material fully contact, the better the mixing, the better the effect in addition to taste.It has little effect on the operating temperature. Generally speaking, high temperature is helpful in addition to flavor.The product dosage is 1-3‰ of the total weight.

Scope of application:

This product is especially suitable for some secondary material processing products, improve the value of the product, its principle is to penetrate the surface of the material, adsorption and neutralization of these materials in the monomer odor reaction and rapid decomposition, to achieve the purpose of eliminating odor.

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