Melt additives MR1-1

Melt flow rate is referred to as melting finger in this paper.Finger height is the reaction of the polymer in the high temperature processing molten state of the flow performance of the melt, the higher the melt, the better the flow.According to international standards, the melt index is measured by the melt weight passing through the capillary in 10 minutes at constant load and constant temperature.In the production process, under the same technological conditions, the higher the melting finger of raw materials, the more material through the mold per unit time, the thicker the thickness of products.

MR1-1 is a stable and efficient fusion finger regulator masterbatch used in polyethylene.MR1-1 disintegrates into small molecules under high temperature environment, acts on polyethylene molecular chain segment, quickly aggregates polymer molecules, increases the molecular chain force, improves the viscosity and strength of melt, and finally reduces melting finger and improves the processing performance of plastics.

application area
additive amount
fusing point

Scope of application: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE

Examples of application direction

Regeneration granulation:

Reduce the fusion of particles, to meet the requirements of low fusion of particle customers, low cost;

HDPE pipe extrusion:

Adjust the flow speed of raw materials under high temperature, control the wall thickness and pipe weight;

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