Li Jinghong: Strengthen the recycling of waste plastics and promote the high-quality development of the recycled plastics industry
Release time:2021-07-27

On January 19, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly issued the recommendations on further Strengthening the treatment of plastic pollution. The implementation of the recommendations will have a far-reaching impact on reducing waste plastic pollution, promoting the development of the plastic waste disposal industry, and energy conservation and emission reduction.At present, there are still some problems in the recycling of waste plastics in China, such as the recycling system of waste plastics to be improved, the supervision of the flow of waste plastics is not in place, the positioning of the recycled plastics industry is not clear, and the value-added of the high-end utilization of recycled plastics is still low. Therefore, the suggestions are as follows:

1. Carry out top-level design for prevention and control of plastic pollution and launch comprehensive control actions.A whole-process pollution prevention and control system and top-level design plan should be established as soon as possible, with a focus on the construction of plastic waste recycling and recycling system, so as to achieve cascade collocation, material-specific policies, and coordinate the actions of various ministries and commissions.

2. Determine the service positioning of the recycled plastics industry and break the bottleneck of the industry development.It is suggested that the state should lead and local governments should support and establish a certain number of leading enterprises for waste plastic disposal, so as to establish a complete system for waste plastic disposal in China in the future.

3. Increase policy support for waste plastic treatment enterprises.On the one hand, the tax rebate for waste plastic recycling enterprises will be further reduced, and the original 50% tax rebate policy will be increased. At the same time, the tax rebate system will be tilted to downstream plastic products enterprises that use recycled plastics, and the tax rebate will encourage enterprises to use recycled materials on the premise of ensuring product quality.

4. Accelerate the construction of a green standard system for recycled plastics to ensure that there are standards to follow.Only by putting forward clear standard requirements for raw materials, production process and special plastic waste, enterprises can put green into practice.

5. Increase the scope of scientific and technological support and solve the technical problems of pollution prevention and control.We will carry out relevant research on major national science and technology projects, and promote the transformation and implementation of achievements with the support of science and technology.

6. Encourage large enterprises to participate in the construction of waste plastic recycling system.A professional and collectivized recycling system should be established by referring to the model of environmental sanitation enterprises to provide efficient and specialized services.

Source: Tsinghua News

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