The 40th anniversary of China optical fiber and cable and the 8th China Communication Optical cable Entrepreneur Summit was held grandly
Release time:2017-09-24

On September 23, the 40th anniversary of China Optical Fiber and Cable and the 8th China Communication Optical Cable Entrepreneur Summit was held in Hangzhou Fuyang Nanguo Hotel.The summit theme is "forty years glory and dream, big bear mission" in one hundred, the conference by the wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association, China association of communication enterprises communication cable cable professional committee, the China electronics industry association photoelectric cable and optical devices branch (hereinafter referred to as the three association), to undertake the fortis group co., LTD.Experts, leaders and representatives from industry associations, optical fiber and cable enterprises, research institutes, material equipment enterprises and industry media gathered at the summit.

From left to right: Wang Aidong, chairman of Xinchanglong

Mu Chengbin, honorary director of expert Committee of Communication cable and cable branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association

Huang Yansheng, vice general manager of Xinchanglong

The opening ceremony of the meeting was addressed by Liu Changsheng, executive vice president of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Wang Jianyi, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)/Chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce/Chairman of the Board of Directors of Futong Group.Liu Changsheng emphasized in his speech that the three associations should work together to promote the healthy development of the industry, while enterprises should be self-disciplined;In his speech, Wang Jianyi reviewed and summarized the 40 years of development of the optical fiber and cable industry, and looked forward to the future development of the industry. At the same time, he thanked the experts, leaders and representatives attending the meeting on behalf of Fortis.

During the presentation session of the meeting,Chinese Academy of Engineering WuHeQuan to "big connection, large calculation, broadband, executive director of the China association of communication enterprises/Chinese communication enterprises association of professional committee of the communication cable cable/China post and telecommunications equipment, director of the group company secretary of the party committee ya-dong li to" innovation development cast forty years glorious, intelligent drive open industry of new era ", fortis group President XiaoWei to "seize the opportunity,To create a new era for the optical fiber and cable industry.

In the first of the two simultaneous summits, "Reality and Future",Yan long 鹍 yofc's vice President, President XiaoWei group fortis, prosper group chief executive Qian Jianlin, balefire communication GeJun President Xue Chi zhongtian technology, optical fiber cable industry for 40 years is how to make big, r&d and innovation, intelligent manufacture, system innovation, internationalization, 5 g and other problems in the communication and exchanges with the participants.Subsequent second BBS, tong ding interconnected wen-jie CAI, hair information, chairman, President Chiang thrift, kile Han Xiangrong, general manager of science and technology, general manager Zhao Peijie YongDing shares, the optical group chairman zhang qiang, shandong Pacific fiber optic cable, general manager of novel, etc, the paper mainly discusses the future optical fiber cable industry, operators in pattern malpractice, the problem such as anti-dumping, the quality of the products.The conference also held the launch of "40 Years of China's optical fiber and cable", which was jointly written by more than 40 experts in the industry organized by the Technology and Market Forum of China's communication optical fiber and cable material enterprises, and is the authoritative work of China's optical fiber and cable material industry.

  • Launching ceremony of "40 Years of China's Optical Fiber and Cable"

  • 2017 is a milestone year in the development history of China's communication photoelectric cable industry.From the heavy dependence on imports, to batch export, China's optical fiber and cable industry has gone through forty years of brilliant development process, China's optical fiber and cable material manufacturing industry is also accompanied by China's optical fiber and cable through the entrepreneurship, innovation, alternative import development process, the material industry has undergone great changes.In the first 30 years from 1977 to 2007, China's communication photoelectric cable industry from scratch, from small to large;In the decade from 2008 to 2017, China gradually grew into a power of optical communications;In the next decade, the demand for 5G, the Internet of Things and big data will bring new opportunities to the optical communication industry.

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