5,000 tons of tailings a day mining partners are invited
Release time:2021-02-24

We sincerely invite our partner, Shenzhen Xinchanglong New Material Technology Co., LTD., to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen Kaola Ecological Technology Co., LTD. (" Kaola Ecology "for short), in 2017 to devote to the development and reuse of tailings sand.Relying on the parent company's profound market accumulation and strong RESEARCH and development team, Kaola Ecology has the professional knowledge in the field of new materials, talent team and tailings reuse experimental platform.At present, the company has carried out industrialization implementation in shaoguan and Chenzhou, aiming at the comprehensive utilization of tailings and sand of more than 75%, and the products are oriented to various fields.Main business for the group's tailings projects.Now in Guangdong Shaoguan tailings mining project, we sincerely invite partners.

I. Tender Contents:

1. For the mining and transportation of Tailings in Shaoguan, Guangdong province from 2019 to 2020, the winning bidder shall be responsible for purchasing the equipment and facilities required for the mining, as well as the corresponding personnel, and shall be responsible for transporting the tailings from the mining area to the concentrator designated by the tenderer after mining (the furthest distance from the mining area to the concentrator is about 1.5km);

2. The winning bidder wins the bid in the form of general contracting, including but not limited to labor, materials, equipment, safety and other matters;

3. Contract validity: one year (the contract shall be renewed depending on the cooperation situation).

Ii. Qualification requirements of the Contractor:

1. Having the legal person status and the ability to independently conclude and perform contracts;

2. Valid business license, tax registration certificate, organization code and general taxpayer qualification;

3. The winning bidder shall have the mining capacity of 5,000 tons/day.

Iii. Registration Method:

Interested companies should contact by phone or email before May 30, and scan and send relevant information, qualifications and certificates to the contact person by email.

Iv. Bidding Schedule

Time for bidding registration and issuance of bidding documents: May 22-May 26

Deadline for bids: May 30

Contact person: Fang Xiaojun

Telephone: 13421338671


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